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50 Tools for Website Design

DeadLinks.com to eliminate dead links on your website, go here and type in your addy.  They will check it for free - up to 15,000 links, give you the new addy- if available, and no software needs to be downloaded! Note: Double-check links listed as 404 as they may have been momentarily unavailable.

GRsites.com HUGE collection of free buttons, backgrounds, textures, graphics, logo maker, fonts, sounds, etc.

Mrs. P's Web Design Tutorial & Resources

PaperWorks Toonland free animations

Pathfinder for Creating Pathfinders Pathfinders are lists of sites and/or books that students can use to find information on a specific topic. Give a student a pathfinder or the topic and eliminate "googling" instead of research!

Webon free website hosting, free website templates, free web publishing

Examples of School Library Websites:

AISB's Elementary Library Website done using Netvibes

Golda Och Academy includes a live library news feed

Lawrence High School Library includes book trailers plus instructions on how to make one, Animoto videos of events that have taken place in the library, and links for free audio books.

Rogers Heritage High School includes link to Facebook, announcement of Skype with authors, a slideshow of the library, podcasts and book trailers for favorite books.

S.C. Lee Libray includes a blog, a virtual book club, book trailers, and a parent resource page.

Spackenhill High School Library includes use of Facebook, Shelfari and Wallwisher

Springfield High School Virtual Library from Joyce Valenza comes a great example of a library website done in a wiki.  There is also a link to her more previous more traditional site.