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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. ~Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)~

General Education

8 Kinds of Smart Differentiating instruction to utilize the multiple intelligences in the classroom

2012 School District Poverty Estimates "This data represents 2012 income and poverty estimates for every school district and county in the nation. Part of the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) program, this data represent the only source of U.S. Census Bureau income and poverty data for each of the nation's 3,142 counties and almost 14,000 Title I-eligible school districts." Click on State, County and School District for specific information.

Arizona Department of Education State standards, certificate requirements, and sample AIMS questions

Association for Middle Level Education formerly National Middle School Association

Behavior Advisor "Whether you are a special education teacher, a regular classroom teacher, a counselor, or a parent who is interested in changing his or her children’s behavior for the better, this site has a ton of information for you. It contains thousands of tips and step-by-step directions for implementing a great number of the standard interventions. The "Intervention Strategies" section will lead you to the old site, which has behavior management basics, tips for new and struggling teachers, and a checklist to assess your own behavior management skills. Teachers and parents will also find helpful information and strategies for dealing with common behaviors and conditions such as ADHD, autism, bullying, tattling, depression and motivation. Included is how-to information on implementing assertive discipline, cooperative learning, and inclusion, as well as ways to assess and measure behavior. The "Free Lesson Plans" section offers downloadable lesson plans that are valuable to teachers, students, and parents."

Best Evidence Encyclopedia "This web site presents reliable, unbiased, information on high-quality evaluations of educational programs."

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy: What's Old Is New Again

Brain Based Learning Links

Certification Map "is a comprehensive online portal that offers prospective teachers and teachers moving to a new state the opportunity to easily and quickly find the certification requirements for each state. Teachers can search for customized information of certification requirements on a state-by-state basis, including skill testing, subject area competence testing, and pre-requisite coursework."

Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic includes 50 one-stop learning activities - 15-30 minutes each for math, science, language arts, social studies and Spanish.

Differentiated Instruction and Assessment

Differentiated Instruction Links 66 links to learning styles, instructional theory, practical tips for the classroom, sample units and lesson plans, and multilink sites; plus "other documents" including PowerPoints, Adobe, and Word).

Education Index has up-to-date contact details for every educational institution in the country

Education Week

Edutopia  George Lucas' site for educators.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) teaching and learning resources from Federal agencies.  Search subject map for activities, lesson plans and resources.

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

Grey Matters "The site will be of interest to anyone interested in how the brain develops, in how it works, or in diseases of the brain.  The video series features presentations by leading neuroscientists and can be viewed in their entirety or as shorter clips for specific learning objectives in the classroom."

How to Plan for Differentiated Instruction

Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises and Initiatives The activities on this site can be used in almost any setting with a wide variety of different groups.

Instructional Strategies Online Strategies are divided into five categories and samplings of instructional methods are explained and given for the categories.

KATE (Kentucky Academy of Technology Education)

Learning Styles and MI Explained

Learning Styles, Modalities and Strategies

Lexicon of Learning Glossary of educational jargon

MCREL- Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Ohio Resource Center information for math, science and language arts educators

Online Learning Styles Inventory

Scholarly Resources includes electronic journals and links broken out by subject area.

Teacher and Teaching Wit and Wisdom is a compilation of the wit and wisdom of teachers and teaching.

Teacher Tidbytes - Teacher Web Resources

Teachers Helping Teachers original education site written by teachers for teachers

Teachers on Target "provides on-the-job activities that will help them “gain a better understanding of their teaching skills,” as well as, “appreciate the depth and range of what it means to be a teacher”.

TeachersFirst Professional Resources Matrix teaching strategies, professional development, and, special education resources

Teaching and Learning Resources from Dillon, SC School District

You Can Handle Them All reference for handling over 115 misbehaviors at school and home

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