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Ask used to be Ask Jeeves and is now just "Ask" Search using search terms or questions

Bing search engine from Microsoft and similar to Google

Clusty used to be Vivisimo and is a metasearch engine with results "clustered" into categories

Colossus international directory of search engines for 310 countries and territories

Ixquick calls itself  "the world's most private search engine" because it does not record your IP address or make a record of your searches

Kartoo a metasearch engine where you choose the way you want to see your results-      map, list, chart, cloud, graph, etc. You can also turn off sponsored results.

Lyrics Search Engine

MagPortal Find individual articles from many freely accessible magazines by browsing the categories or using the search engine.

Mamma "the mother of all search engines" is a metasearch engine whose results also give you other search suggestions

Quintura - a visual search engine with results shown in a "cloud" aimed at kids

Virtual Learning Resource Center all resources- broken into twelve major categories - are reviewed and approved by certified librarians. 

Yahoo Search Engine the mother of all search engines and directories

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Last Updated Tuesday, February 18, 2014