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Spanish Resources:

100 Most Used Verbs in Spanish

Ejercicios en la Red focusing on grammar

EL Easton Spanish Online Spanish links for culture, Don Quijote, holidays, food, geography, famous Hispanics, movies, music religion, sports, Christmas, etc.

El Mercurio Online Spanish language news magazine online

Notes in Spanish is free podcasts for learning Spanish.

PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class

Ship or Sheep  minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online

Spanish Vocabulary Games - interactive website for students

Spark Education has resources for both teachers and students and includes PowerPoints for teachers.

Spoken Skills This site is for non-English speakers to hear and learn English sounds- includes vowels, consonants, and idioms.

Super Spanish Web Sites is a site that has been designed for both educators and students.  Here you will find links for grammar, countries, games, online tests, food and cuisine, search engines, tutorials, etc.

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Last Updated Sunday, March 01, 2015