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Other resources can be found on Technology and on Web Site Tools

Lesson Plans:

Computer Teaching Lesson Plans from Teachnology

Middle School Computer Application Lessons created by Patricia Jauann Nicholson and covers basic Microsoft programs.

Technokids Computer Curriculum includes curriculum for primary through high school, computer camp, and professional development.

Evaluating Web Sites:

American Library Association Great Web Site Criteria 4-step method for evaluating a web site

Cyberguide for Rating Content Evaluation a PDF document

Cyberguide for Rating Web Site Design a PDF document

Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet from The Virtual Chase comes a complete guide as well as links for determining the ownership of a web site.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly or Why it is a good idea to evaluate web resources

Internet Detective - how to evaluate a web site.

RADCAB an acronym for information evaluation- Relevancy, Appropriateness, Detail, Currency, Authority, and Bias. Site has assessment tool and posters that can be ordered for use in the classroom.

Bogus or Hoax Web Sites for Teaching Web Site Evaluation:


All About Explorers

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies and how it can help the average human brain!

Boilerplate - History of a Victorian-era Robot

Buy an Ancestor Online

Buy Dehydrated Water!

California's Velcro Crop Under Challenge

DHMO Research Division Dihydrogen Monoxide (H2O)

Dog Island where dogs "live a natural, happy, healthy life, free from the stress and hardship associated with daily life among humans."

Drop Bear

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

Genochoice-- Create your own genetically healthy child!


Immortality Device new invention allows humans to stay physically young forever!

Jurassic World

Lake Superior Whale Watching

Mankato, Minnesota Look closely!

MAVAV or Mothers Against Videogame Addiction

Ova Prima Foundation - solved the question which came first chicken or the egg

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Pomegrate Phone

Pop! The First Male Human Pregnancy

Republic of Cascadia Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs

Republic of Molossia

RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center All the miracles of modern medicine

Salem Witch Museum

Save the Pacific Tree Octopus

Smoking Section home of smokers with attitude!

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches how to make your own!

True But Little Known Facts About Women and AIDS


World Trade Organization - first clue is the URL!

Online Typing Programs:

Bubbles Typing Game online free touch typing program

Type Racer typing program where you can practice online, but if you register, you can "race" against others online.

Rubrics for Student Work:

Collaboration Rubric

Digital Video Assignment Sheet and Evaluation Rubric

Multimedia Project Rubric

Presentation Rubric

Timeline Rubric 10 categories with 4 levels of achievement

Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Thursday, March 05, 2015